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Spotify UK Review

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Music brings people together and that is a key focus of Spotify, the big name in online music with a social focus. In fact it’s hard to log on to Facebook without seeing an update that “Mad Monkey is listening to Top Bananas on Spotify” (or something along those lines!), proving that it’s a system people all over the globe are using to listen to music which they want to share with their friends.

One of the biggest draws of Spotify is that it is – potentially – free. Spotify offers three different packages which allow you to choose between a free system wherein you purchase songs or albums individually (through their cost efficient ‘bundles’ system where one song can work out at around 50p), or two varieties of monthly pay packages which allow you unlimited streaming. This choice means that whether you’re an occasional listener or a complete music obsessive, they have the package for you.

The price is less important than the opportunities Spotify provides, though. Spotify is integrated with Facebook, meaning that subscribing is instantaneous if you have a Facebook account, and after downloading the Spotify software you are free to begin listening. This also means that your friends can see what you’re listening to (if you want them to! You can also put security blocks on particular tracks if you’re a little embarrassed to let your rock friends know that you’re listening to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang The Musical) and vice-versa. If you see a friend is listening to something you like the sound of, simply click on the song and listen to it yourself!

Spotify has a number of notable features worth taking into account: one fantastic feature from Spotify is the ‘starred’ system: if you love a tune and want the world to know it, click a small star icon and it’s instantly added to your favourites list for all to see. This is a great way to keep a check on – and share – the tracks that have been most exciting to you. You might also be interested in its ‘tagging’ system, whereby you can tag your music to your own specifications, be it genre, date, where you heard it or just your impression of it. This makes searching your catalogue of music so much easier and so much more personal.

Spotify offers a 30 day trial of its premium package, which allows you to stream as many songs as you wish and even to access them offline. This is really handy when you plan to go somewhere without internet access, such as on a plane or a long walk into the netherworlds. The premium package also provides higher quality streaming which makes your music sound all the better! That said, if you decide to downgrade you lose those privileges and so the real music connoisseurs might be disappointed with anything less than the premium package.   That said, even if you opt for the free subscription you are entitled to hear samples of the tracks you’re interested in buying, which means you’ll never be throwing money away. The premium package also allows Spotify to come into use outside of your home computer or mobile phone, working on home entertainment systems so that you can stream your music on a variety of devices around the house or on the move.

Spotify makes sharing music easy. In an age where people are arguably getting further apart Spotify allows music to be a shared interest that will bring you together. Its various packages offer different things to different users but there’s definitely one out there for everyone.

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