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How much would you pay for a new album? £10? £13? On PayPlay.FM they cost just £2.20.

Price is definitely the selling point of PayPlay.FM, with single tracks a mere £0.22 and albums costing you only £2.20. This is one of the cheapest MP3 download sites out there. But at what cost? Well to be fair to PayPlay.FM it’s not a bad site; it’s easy to use and the price is right, but it makes some fairly major errors.

A key problem with PayPlay.FM is that its registration is bizarre and you feel slightly cheated. Let us explain... You sign up easily enough (in fact this is a quick and painless process that takes about 30 seconds) but the free tracks they promise you aren’t from their site at all, they’re from a completely different one. So which site are you actually signing up for? The answer seems to be “both of them”. The second site SEEMS a pretty good one, and occasionally even cheaper than PayPlay.FM and you can purchase cheaper albums with the credit! We say SEEMS because on purchasing an album we only received an error message and our credit was gone. It might be a momentary error but it’s simply unacceptable.

Let’s move on. The quality of the music on PayPlay.FM is the next issue you need to know about. Files are stored at a range of qualities, though there appears to be no option on which quality you can download for any one song. Some songs are top quality, others are radio quality. This is a little disappointing but given the cost of the tracks and the fact that most people won’t really notice the difference, it’s not necessarily as negative as you might expect. You can also listen to samples of the tracks you’re interested in before you buy them, for up to 1 minute. This is longer than most sites, though the song sample skips to various points in the track so it pretty much ruins the experience, though you can still get a sense of what a song is like. Searching for songs is easy and PayPlay.FM incorporate a progressive search which updates the results as you type so you don’t need to type out huge long album titles and band names. That said, there are no options on how to filter or sort your search, so if you’re not particularly sure on the name you’re looking for then you may not find what you’re after.

PayPlay.FM could be a good MP3 download site for those users who are looking to get access to okay-quality music at a low price. But it’s let down by an unprofessional appearance (the site itself isn’t the most glamorous), primarily through diverting you to another place completely. Its search function has some good twists but they are simply too simple. If you know what you’re looking for, aren’t too bothered about the quality of the tracks and don’t have much to spend then this could be the site for you.

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