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Category: UK Music Download Websites (AKA UK Music Streaming Sites)
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Napster UK Review

by No1Reviews.com.

We have awarded Napster UK our prestigious Silver Award in this category, having reviewed 12 UK Music Download Websites. Read our review below to find out why...

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Napster comes out as our number one UK Music Download Service because it has astonishingly user-friendly systems and a huge collection of songs with low monthly fees. With 15 million songs to choose from, you should have no problem finding songs that will take you on a trip down memory lane or broaden your musical horizons. We all know that music can reinvigorate, reinvent and redefine who we are, it can inspire us to try new things, to think about life a little differently, or just make us dance like an idiot. As an industry leader, Napster should be able to meet your requirements, whatever they are.

15 Million songs is a lot – you’d never be able to listen to even a small portion of them – but what really blows us away about Napster is how they have revolutionised HOW you can listen to music. With Napster’s unlimited packages you can listen to as many songs as you like for the surprisingly low cost of just £5 a month (or £10 a month if you take their Mobile Plus option). This means that you are not restricted to picking and choosing select tracks. If you don’t like something you’ve not wasted a single penny, just move on.

Napster isn’t limited to music on your home computer, either: with their various applications and software programs you can transfer your music to your home stereo systems, mobile phone and laptop, even synchronising them so that you can move between them and have your song lists continue to play as they should be. It’s like carrying a juke box filled with your favourite music anywhere you go.

Sharing is an equally important feature of Napster. You can create play lists to suit your mood, send them to your friends or even link them to your Facebook page and let everyone know what you’re listening to. You can create a profile and follow other members who share similar music interests. It is worth bearing in mind, for those who are careful about their privacy, that Napster does not offer any privacy features, therefore the music you share is visible to other members who follow you, irrespective of what you're listening to. That said, beyond the occasional embarrassing track this shouldn't often be an issue.

  Its affordable price means that Napster is able to provide a capable and professional music system which will easily integrate into your life.  

In many ways, Napster acts as a musical education, providing support from music experts who will help inspire your next sound choice, pointing you in the right direction for established classics or rarely-heard experimental tracks. Creating and exchanging playlists means you will get to learn about new bands or songs that people think you might enjoy, and Napster even has a biographies section which provides insightful life histories of your favourite artists. As such, Napster is not just a site for finding those tracks you already know about, it’s a playground where your musical sensibilities are expanded and encouraged to develop.

Down to some of the nitty gritty, then. How easy is it to use Napster? In short, very. Its power search functions mean that if you know the song you want then you won’t spend a lifetime trawling through a mass of similar sounding pieces. Equally though if you’re looking for new or old tracks in a particular genre and can’t quite remember the band name it will throw up enough options to help you hunt them down effectively. Though it has a finely crafted searching system, it would be helpful if Napster allowed you to perform a few searches without having to sign up. That said, there is a free 7 day trial period on either the Unlimited or Unlimited Mobile Plus systems and sign-up is quick and hassle free.

Napster also provide a clear and helpful set of Frequently Asked Questions in their “Knowledge Base” which genuinely tries to answer questions without you needing to give them a call. This is refreshing as so often help services tend to ignore some of the pressing issues. One of the first questions answered, for example, is how to cancel the free trial period if you don’t want to continue your subscription. They’re hiding nothing. They clearly want their users to find the system approachable and efficient.

If the help section isn’t able to solve your particular problem you also have the option of sending them an email or telephoning them to speak to an assistant. They assert that an email query should receive a response within one working day, which is unusually fast. All in all, a comprehensive and ACTUALLY helpful help service is provided.

Napster simply does more than its competitors. Its affordable price means that Napster is able to provide a capable and professional music system which will easily integrate into your life. Oh, and all those old school songs are on there too, in case you feel like standing in a field and dancing like an idiot.

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