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MP3 Fiesta UK Review

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MP3fiesta might not be the best known music downloads site out there, but it’s definitely a good contender as one with the most adventurous offers. On first glance it might look like a kid’s blog page but beneath its cartoony bright green exterior lies a hidden gem, primarily known as the “Platinum Lifetime Unlimited Membership”.

It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Unlimited downloads of music for the rest of your human existence on this Earth! But this is the offer that MP3fiesta are making and which more than 25,000 members have taken advantage of. So why even bother with any other download site? Well there are a few reasons why MP3fiesta isn’t quite the party for everyone. Though their selection of music is fine (you’d never listen to 3.5 million tracks, even with that lifetime membership) it pales in comparison to other more established sites. Chances are that much of the music you want is on there, but given their focus on music that isn’t “the norm” (MP3fiesta seem especially proud of their soundtracks section and their imported tracks) you might find that some of your favourite tunes simply aren’t there. That is countered, however, by MP3fiesta’s pledge that premium members can request albums which aren’t on their catalogues. All well and good, you might think, but how long does this process take them and where do they draw the line? More importantly, how patient are you for that one song which just happened to pop into your mind one evening when you were washing the car? Premium members also seem to get a lot of the benefits whilst the “credit” members get left by the wayside. For example, premium members get advanced technical support, but why doesn’t everyone get it? For a site which claims to be passionate about customer care, this seems an exclusionary choice.

But it’s not all a game of haves and have-nots. Download prices are relatively expensive per track or album, but at least you have the option. Mp3fiesta’s friends invite scheme also means that when your friends add credit to their account you also get a bonus amount of credit given to you for suggesting them. Free music, of sorts. A socialite could really profit from the system, given the right plan. Mp3fiesta’s search facilities are decent and they go a step above others in their genre classifications, citing anything from Progressive House to Japanese Pop.  

MP3fiesta is certainly one to watch, its membership is growing (in fact if you try to purchase the life time membership you will be directed to a sister website because they have become oversubscribed) and – despite its comparatively small collection – it has enough tracks there to keep you coming back for more. Its files are all MP3s so very compatible with most devices and media players on the market and the lifetime membership is a real jewel in the crown for anyone looking for a long term service. Ignore the fluorescent kiddish face, MP3fiesta makes music a life long game.

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